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Saber King® is proven to save on time and labor.
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Saber King Mini

Prince Castle introduces

The NEW Saber King® Mini:
A Universal Slicing Food Prep System

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Save Labor. Improve Safety. Prep Faster.

Save labor, improve safety and maximize space utilization with the Saber King™ by Prince Castle. The first truly universal food prep system includes a multi-purpose chassis with easily interchangeable blade sets which can accommodate all of your cutting needs.


More efficient food prep = over $600 of savings per year.

Slice 4 tomatoes at a time

Speed up food prep and save labor.

Prep on 1 piece of equipment

Replace all of your current slicers with one piece of equipment.

Faster and easier to clean

Easily cleaned blade cartridges improve safety and efficiency.


Interchangeable blades provide maximum versatility.

Saber King blade cartridges are easy to use and easy to change. The platform is expandable to keep up with your ever changing menu. The Saber King is designed to be efficient and easy to use to help save labor costs and keep your crew safe.


Blade covers keep you safer.

Patented blade covers help protect your crew from the cutting blades. The Saber King blade cartridges lower the risk of crew injury during use and during cleaning.


Full Blade Sets

Top pusher head + blade cartridge

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Pusher Head

Replacement pusher heads

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Replacement Blades

Sharp blades provide for better performance and better food yield

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Parts & Accessories

Replacement chassis parts and accessories

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